Welcome to the chocolate confectionery world!

Chocolate comforts us, makes us dream, give us strengths, calm down, etc. In this blog, you will learn more about the chocolate confectionery market and especially, we will focus on two brands: the dynamic M&M’s brand and the more traditional Kinder brand.With 97% of French people eating chocolate once a week and 44% every day, the cocoa is the third commodity the most exported in the world and the confectionery product the most consumed (1). The chocolate confectionery market is composed of chocolate bars and chocolate balls, responding to the customers’ expectations.

In the 60’s, Mars Incorporated opened the door to the chocolate confectionery market in Europe with the Mars bar. Mars Inc. is one of the worldwide leader with brands like Maltesers, Milky Way, M&M’s, Twix  as welll as Ferrero (Kinder brands). Recently, the brand Snickers has become the first on the confectionery market by-passing M&M’s (volume).

Throughout the blog, first we will expose you an analyse of the French chocolate confectionery market, then, we will try to understand the consumer’s behaviour, emotions and habits, and to finish with a focus on the marketing and communication strategies of M&M’s and Kinder.

(1) : http://www.letelegramme.com/ig/generales/france-monde/france/consommation-la-recette-anti-crise-du-chocolat-18-10-2009-614148.php

Mathilde Moussard, Edwige Obaton, Emmanuelle Sal and Sophie Vigier


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