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7 Dec

M&M’s: Strenghts and improvements

the confectionery

the confectionery


M&M’s is nowadays one of the favorite brands of the French.
Indeed, the brand has a huge community of fans in France and in the world. M&M’s is considered as a lovemark. With their mascots, they also created an interactive universe present in all the different media of communication, especially in cinema.
They could though improve their brand awareness. In fact, they should develop more M&M’s World stores in big cities as in France to improve their reputation and developed the market of M&M’s licensees there. Stick with a long term slogan can also be a good long term strategy.
Finally M&M’s involvement in social media should be improved in France, especially on Twitter by creating a new channel of communication to make people even more loyal towards the brand.

kinder mms

Kinder Bueno: Strenghts and improvements

the confectionery

the confectionery

Despite all the advantages Kinder Bueno benefits from, the brand could still be much more effective if it improved some points. First regarding the communication, the brand should choose one line of communication in a given period of time and spread it through all the chosen channels of communication. We could advise to the brand that the current topic of sport is probably not the better to convey Kinder Bueno’s values and ideas.
We could also recommend to Kinder Bueno to be more present on the social media. The Kinder Bueno Facebook page is not very active whereas it could be attract much more young adults and reinforce the brand community.


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