Brand archetypes

6 Dec

Carl Jung introduces the use of brand archetypes to analyse brand personnalities.

Regarding Kinder Bueno, the brand archetype which suits the best is the “innocent”.

Indeed, Kinder bueno refers to the childhood, the 4-hour break with the family or at school. This urges nostalgia because young adult are remembering the good moments.

All the communication supports show a perfect image of life to the customers.

Finally Kinder Bueno brings happiness, hope and positivism for a better life.

Regarding M&M’s, the archetype whish suits the best is the “jester”.

Indeed, M&M’s refers to fun, humor, interactions with others and spontaneity. The mascots perfectly embody the personality traits that you can find in your life among your friends.

Finally M&M’s live the moments with full enjoyment, fun and a cool attitude.


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