M&M’s: Loyalty and engagement

5 Dec

M&M’s is a brand that goes beyond its brand and tries to engage customers. That is a brand which wants to become a lovemark (Kevin Roberts concept).

This brand has created a lot of tools and advertisement to engage the customers and make them loyal beyond reason.
The brand is constantly engaging in political or association issues as the “Telethon”. In 2007 for one product M&M’s wearing the logo Telethon, 0, 50 euros were sending to the association. They brought 102 millions of euros for the association.

In 2008, the engagement has really become an issue therefore they created the website M&M’s street, “The only street where everything is going nuts… peanuts!”.
On this interactive website you have the possibility to watch videos of M&M’s, to take pictures, download some goodies, putting a picture of you in a M&M’s poster or even learning advices about nutrition regarding M&M’s, etc.

This website is a way to make even more real the characters M&M’s which represent the brands.
To engage the customers also M&M’s France is very active on social media. For instance the Facebook page of M&M’s France has 2 141 816 fans.
Contests, videos, questions for the customers, advertisement, are some kinds of things that you could see on this Facebook page.
Using a lot their link with the cinemas, they did recently promotion for the launching of the last Twilight. All the promotion was about finding where Renesmée, the daughter of the heroes was.
The Characters yellow and red allow the brand to become a person. The characters like what customers like too and that creates a true relationship.


With mymms they also managed to increase their brand awareness and give an image of celebration to M&M’s. Linking Valentine ’s Day to M&M’s allowed the brand to make customer think about M&M’s and love in the same time. Finally the action of customization is really a way to engage the customer.

Another way they are using to increase their brand awareness and make the customers loyal is the licenses products.
They created not only a food brand but a license that is worldwide known. The M&M’s World stores created all over the world are the symbol of that and of the loyalty of the customers. You can buy apparel, plushes, home and office, dispenses and of course the candies themselves. These stores exist in Las Vegas, New York, Orlando and more
recently in London.

Thus M&M’s is now a brand which brings fun and appeals the customers to share things.
By giving to the customers the characters, some stories and fun, they created a lovemark in the eyes of customers.

Resonance pyramid of Keller for M&M’s


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