Kinder Bueno: Loyalty and engagement

5 Dec



As this brand has been existing for more than 20 years now, Kinder Bueno reminds pleasant moments of childhood. Young adults who are eating a Kinder Bueno bar today are remembering their childhood, when they were already enjoying the chocolate bar. This candy takes part of the life of every adult and child.
This feeling is accentuated due to the colors and packaging which have not changed for twenty years. Thus, people really feel like eating exactly the same candy as a few years ago. The marketing strategy of the brand to keep the same design and image of the product reinforces the loyalty to the brand. We can talk about a feeling of nostalgia for this chocolate bar.

The goal of the brand is to keep increasing consumers’ loyalty, and for that, Kinder Bueno decided to get closer to its consumers. They took advantage of their anniversary in last March 2011 to organize a special big event. In addition to TV spots, print ads, the brand directed the “Kinder Bueno world” in a train station in Paris. The purpose was to make people discover and rediscover this chocolate bar in a special place. This event of street marketing was a way for the brand to emphasize this loyalty.

To get even closer to its consumers, Kinder Bueno imagined a contest requiring consumers’ participation. Just after the anniversary “in live”, the brand organized through social media a contest from 5th of April to 15th of May 2011. The idea was to reinvent the most irresistible moment with Kinder Bueno. The three best ideas will be rewarded and made concrete with a 20 000 euros budget for everyone. The jury will be composed by the current spokesperson, Jo-Wilfried Tsonga, two journalists and a Facebook Kinder Bueno page’s fan.
The winning ideas will be selected by Kinder Bueno fans on the Facebook page.
The brand clearly understood the opportunity of digital media to engage its customers for the brand, encourage people to prove their loyalty to Kinder Bueno.
Kinder Bueno keeps going with these kinds of games since, currently on its Facebook page, you can play and try to win a wonderful travel, or smartbox, or other gifts.

jeu concours tour du monde

Kinder Bueno, through the parent brand Kinder, engage itself for serious causes. Indeed, the brand supports all the initiatives in favor of the charity Secours Populaire, via the program: “Kinder s’engage pour l’enfance”. For special events, such as Easter or Christmas, Kinder launches a limited edition of a Kinder Chocolate, and for each chocolate sold, 1€ is given to the association. This help means also toys or money donations to improve children daily life, offer them holidays …

Thus, Kinder Bueno involves itself in causes, endeavors to get closer to its consumers and fans, and make people relive good memories thanks to the chocolate bar.

Kinder Bueno Pyramid of Resonance of Keller (The confectionery made)

resonance kinder


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