Anatomy of the brand : M&M’s

4 Dec

Mars is a family brand which focuses on the snacking moments. In 1935 when Forrest Mars and Bruce Murrie created M&M’s they do not know yet that it will become a worldwide brand.
M&M’s is the only brand of the group which advertises as much and which gives as much pleasure for teenagers and adults. Some stores have been launching only for the brand (New York, Las Vegas,…).Following you will see the anatomy of the brand.

The targets of M&M’s are the teenagers and adults from 15 to 30 years old. The M&M’s are the products of the snacking moments.

M&M’s is made of a crunchy peanut covered by milk chocolate and a layer of sugar. The balls can be yellow, red, blue, orange, green or brown. There are some limited colors with mymms website. The packaging is yellow, blue or brown, with always the two mascots on it: Red and Yellow which symbolize energy, passion & joy and friendship . On the packaging you will always find the brown color for chocolat, softness and comfort.

Fun , Cool, Life experience.

M&M’s is an American brand creating by Forrest Mars and Bruce Murrie. Today it still belongs to Mars group.

There is no people  but characters which represent M&M’s. Those characters represent the colors of the M&M’s themselves and have their own personalities.
In 1971, Red and Yellow, as we know them today, are created.
Mr Red : The oldest with yellow. Cynical and sardonic, confident .
Mr Yellow : The happy and a positive one. Gullible and clumsy. He is the oldest character with Red, his best friend.
Mrs Green : The sexy one . She does not melt for anyone and is very independent. Created in 1997. She intimidates the others.
Mr Blue : Strong and confident, the cool one.
Mr Orange : Neurotic and stressed. Very attractive for the others.
Mrs Brown : The business woman, the Chief chocolate officer. Present on the social medias.
Mars wants for M&M’s to be perceived as a fun brand and a symbolism of friendship and life experience. For the customers, it is perceived as cool and as brand which represent celebrations. The customers reflect themselves on the mascots for their personalities.


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