Anatomy of the brand: Kinder Bueno

4 Dec

Ferrero, through their brands Kinder, generally targets the children. However, through their ads, Kinder talks to the mother all by targetting the kids. In 1991, Kinder launched on the French market a new product called Kinder Bueno, moving from the kids segment to the adults one. Following, you will find the anatomy of the brand:

The young active adults in their thirteens are the target of Kinder Bueno. It is the product of the “break” of the morning or the afternoon.

We can easily identify Kinder Bueno by its two cream nuts bars, coated with chocolate, on the crispy wafer, alll wrapped up in a white and red packaging.

Kinder Bueno is a Kinder brand, originally German, belonging to the  Italian Ferrero group.

Since a few years, famous athletes are endorsing the brand. You probably main know them: Didier Drogba, Boris Diaw, Tony Parker and the current one is Jo-Wilfried Tsonga. They represent the symbol of an healthy spirit in an healthy body, then, Kinder Bueno can promote the well-being and the nutritive values in the same time as increasing the emotional capital of the brand.

Ferrero wants the brand and the product  to be seen as an healthy one, providing pleasure. The brand is also seen as a product reminding childhood and is also sign of share and conviviality.


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