M&M’s – Differents media of communication

3 Dec

If M&M’s reputation is so high today, it’s thanks to the two characters: Red and Yellow. Indeed, they did their first TV appearance in 1954 and on pack in 1973. Each character has its own personality. These funny and sweet characters are nowadays the major part of M&M’s identity. We can find them on the logo with the two “M” (initials of the co-founder) and the brown color (chocolate color).

 This high brand awareness is also due to a 360° communication. The first medium used is TV spot. Each ad is very funny and stages the two characters. The last TV spot, created by the agency CLM BBDO, was broadcast for the last recipe launch: M&M’s Noir Intense.

The brand only uses punctual slogan. The oldest one is “Chocolate melt in the mouth not in the hand”.

The other medium used by M&M’s is cinema. Cinema is part of the brand’s DNA. In 2010, the brand broadcast its first 3D advertisement, for the release of Shrek 4 and Toy Story 3. During this ad we can see both characters Red and Yellow throwing M&M’s into the auditorium. This ad was created in order to create interactions between the brand and the audience.  

The brand also uses Internet, indeed in France we can find two M&M’s websites:

–          http://www.m-ms.fr/ an interactive fun and colored website targeting 15-34 year old people.

–          http://www.mymms.fr/ a website where you can order your personalized M&M’s (for wedding, Christmas or Valentine’s Day).

This Internet communication is reinforced with a high activity on social networks, more precisely on Facebook. Today M&M’s gathersmore than 2 million of fans. The brand posts at least a comment twice a week. M&M’s has succeeded to federate a big community around its activity (on average 5000 likes by post). Everything about M&M’s news is relayed: product launch, TV spot or sponsorship. There is a high complementary between media.

M&M’s organizes sponsorship with cinema blockbuster. As previously say, cinema is part of brand DNA. For this reason the brand sponsors several movies by year. The latest examples are Men in Black III, the French movie Sur la piste du Marsupilami, or the most recent Twilight 5.  On the M&M’s fan page we could see a video of the French director Alain Chabat interviewed by Red and Yellow or you could also win preview invitation for Twilight.

M&M’s is also partner of the French association AFM-Téléthon. The purpose is to rally a large number of students, dressed with brand’s colors, to sell M&M’s in favor of the association. Each bag is sold at 2€.


Finally, the brand has created its own Iphone application. The aim is to help Yellow to get the maximum of M&M’s. The application is free. 

The last communication tool used by the brand is M&M’s stores. Unfortunately there is no store in France for the moment, only in New-York or in London …


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