Kinder Bueno: Share value with the target

3 Dec

The Kinder Bueno target are the young active adults in their thirties who have a small hallow, who do not want to eat a bar too fat and too heavy. They want to eat something healthy without feeling guilty, that is why the brand emphasises on the sensory lightness in the ads.

Clearly, the positioning of the brand is an healthy product, a light pleasure. It matches well with the slogan “A carefree pleasure” (“Un plaisir que l’on s’offre pour les petites faims”), we understand that  a Kinder Bueno satisfies cravings and allows to share moments with someone else. We can identify it in the commercial ads: we see a woman looking for eating something healthy.

To continue with the ads, the values of pleasure, health and sharing are present in it: since 2007, different athletes have playing a role in the commercial. Then, we can approve this strategy: Kinder Bueno wants to show that anonymous and famous athletes sharing the same craving. There is the notion of proximity, closering the sportsman and the consumer.

Why Kinder Bueno has chosen athletes to represent the brand?
The sport has a very strong federative connotation. Consumers love feeling close to people they admire. Federation also refers to the notion of sharing, sharing emotions, sharing moments…as a Kinder Bueno, there are two bars, then, the consumer can share it.
Moreover, using celebrities gives credibility to the brand, endorses by an opinion leader. That is what we call “celebrity marketing

In the case of the Kinder Bueno commercial, using an athlete matches with the ideas of:
– pleasure: sport helps people to feel better, to open up, to share moments, to share emotions
-health: sport contributes to the well-being
And the commercial promotes the light product, full of calcium, to which nuts flavors and chocolate are added well matching with the ideas of health and pleasure found in the sport.

Is it a good choice/strategy?

French people are extremely demanding towards their national athletes. At the time, Tsonga, although he is the first French tennisman (according the rank), struggles to be in the first worldwide players. Besides, the televisions commercial ad is frequently seen on screen, then consumers can feel a little bit annoyed by this celebrity marketing.
However, Tsonga is seen as an accessible and nice athlete, then, he helps in increasing the emotional capital of Kinder Bueno.


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