Kinder bueno – Differents media of communication

3 Dec

The brand Kinder Bueno was launched in 1991 and is today the leader in volume of the chocolate bars in France.”11 Kinder Bueno bars are consumed every second in the world”. The brand goes away from their original target, the children, and goes on the adult market.

Since the launching, Kinder Bueno has broadcast many TV spots. The first TV campaign directed employees during their morning break in front of the automatic machine. They don’t know what to choose, and will finally choose the Kinder Bueno bar promoting all its benefits.

Then, followed an advertising saga with football (Didier Drogba) and basketball players (Boris Diaw). These ads made the brand much more powerful quite quickly!

pub kinder bueno

Indeed, in 2007, in the Ipsos Palmares, the film with Didier Drogba and Boris Diaw who are buying kinder Bueno bars arrived 2nd in the ranking of best ads by French people.

The pleasure is largely promoted in the TV spots. The pleasure to play together, share values, … Kinder Bueno agreed on numerous partnerships in the sportive area. The goal is to promote the well being and the balance procured by the regular practise of sport, and a Kinder Bueno bar!

Today, you can regularly watch on TV the French tennisman Jo-Wilfried Tsonga in a bakery arguing with another feminine customer for the last Kinder Bueno bar.

Thanks to this last TV ad directing Jo-Wilfried Tsonga, the chocolate bar became THE product for little hangers. The sales of the chocolate bar rose by 20% following the broadcasting on TV.

They invest more and more the field and they proved it for their 20th anniversary.

Indeed, Kinder Bueno lately turned 20 years old. Thus, in order to celebrate its anniversary in 2011, the brand decided to launch a huge media campaign. The goal was to get closer to its consumers. As a consequence, they organised a big digital media campaign using its Facebook page and its own website in order to reach quickly its fans through a still underexploited  media.

Besides the digital campaign, they also get closer to their audience directly on the field at Auber train station, the symbolic place of the urban lifestyle transformed into a joyful and pleasant place. This street marketing operation really worked, Parisian people could smell and taste Kinder Bueno bars all day long. .

In the same time, they were organising a national contest (5th of April to 15th of May): “Imagine the most irresistible moment with Kinder Bueno”; The 3 best ones will be recorded in the limit of a budget of 20 000 euros each

Kinder Bueno took advantage of this event reinforcing its presence on social media by creating it Facebook page in March 2011. Through this medium Kinder Bueno highlights its products (new sizes, new packagings, …), and organizes online contests in order to enlarge and join together the community of fans. The brand could have done it a way before considering the good reputation of the brand. In less of 15 days after the opening of the page, there already were 600 fans in the Facebook page.

To go on being present on the field, they launched a recent print campaign available everywhere in France. They emphasize their new positioning: being the perfect chocolate bar for little hangers. They use play on words like: “for the afternoon hanger”, “for the shopping hanger”, “for the novel hanger”, “for the travel hanger”. Hanger being used instead of end. In French, we hear the same sound for both words.,129404


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