Kinder Bueno

2 Dec

Kinder bueno

Kinder Bueno is a chocolate bar made by the Italian confectionery maker Ferrero, through its brand: Kinder.

Its name comes from the Spanish word “bueno” which means “good” in English.

This chocolate bar, mainly made with milk and nuts, introduces itself as a chocolate bar for “carefree pleasure”.

It was first marketed in Italy in 1990, then Ferrero extended its market up to Latin America, Malaysia, Israel and Greece, in the mid- 90’s. France and Germany knew Kinder Bueno in 1991 and it has been available in UK and Canada only since 2004.

In 2006, Ferrero launched a new reference: Kinder Bueno White, now available in most European countries.

Kinder Bueno knows a true success. Indeed, today this is the favorite chocolate bar for French people, leader in volume in the French market.

The success is also global since we value at 11 the number of Kinder Bueno bars eaten every second worldwide.


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