Points of Difference: Communication Strategy

1 Dec

As we saw before, manufacturers offer the same kind of products, without clearly distinguishing themselves from the competitors. Their targets are more or less similar, targeting children and adults but playing on emotions and period of consumption (of the day and the season). The best way of differentiation is the communication strategy. Some are much more active and dynamic than others. As an example, at the time, Kraft Food, with Milka has been the more visible since 2011, promoting their new brand Milka Snax. Thanks to this new product, Milka enters the competitive market of the chocolate confectionery.

As for Nestlé, they have reduced their media visibility, maybe, we can assume they do this because of their high reputation in this product category whereas other Nestlé brands need more promotion.

Concerning Mars Chocolat with M&Ms and Ferrero with Kinder Bueno which have a high media visibility, they compete on their distinguished communication strategy targeting different consumers.

In the coming posts…


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