Place & Price Strategy

30 Nov

Even if the packaging varies from a product to another one, prices remain quite low, less than 2,50€ in average, except for products which include a gift (Kinder Surprise). Regarding the impulse market, prices are a bit more expensive. Products are sold individually (a chocolate bar in a service station is often sold at the same price as a three bar pack in supermarket). Festive products as Celebrations, Quality Street or Ferrero Rocher, have a higher price. They represent more than a simple candy, it may be a special gift that you bring for a dinner or for thanking someone.

The main distribution channels for all these products are supermarkets and hypermarkets.

However, as these products result from impulsive purchases, we can easily find them out-of-home, in oil station services, automatic teller machines, Relay, tobacconist’s shops and cinemas. Mars Chocolat is leader on this distribution channel, in front of Ferrero. Indeed, this channel matches with Mars Chocolat positioning: offering snacking products.

As you noticed, some of these products are more seasonal than others, such as Ferrero Rocher, Quality Street or Celebrations, and are more visible during festive seasons (Easter, Christmas, …).


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