Marketing Strategies

30 Nov



Ferrero is the leader on the chocolate confectionery market in super and hyper markets.

The core market of Ferrero is the children and young adults: so from 7 years old to 30 years old. Some products are specially targeting children and others more for young adults as Kinder Bueno. Ferrero is also associated with family and sharing moments but also rewards and celebrations.

As for Nestlé chocolate confectionery, they target people who are caring of their health. Thus, their products allies nutrition and taste. Nestlé’s golden rule is to mix satisfaction of nutritional needs with pleasure. They translate their positioning into their new slogan: “Good food, good life”.

Concerning the Kraft Food chocolate confectionery brands: Milka, Côte d’Or, Toblerone and Suchard, we can say that they all refer to greed, love of good food but they are complementary, all have the aim to “make today delicious”.

Milka is based on softness and tenderness, made for and consumed by all the family who wants to share a convivial moment, also reminding childhood. The other brands, Côte d’Or, Toblerone and Suchard more target adults, especially the 30-40 years old, who appreciate a high quality taste of chocolate.

Mars Chocolat which is the pioneer of the chocolate confectionery market, launched the first chocolate bar in France at the beginning of the 60’s. Mars Chocolat core market is young adults between 15 and 30 years old, who are used to nibbling. More largely, Mars Chocolat appeals a big number of customers from children to older people: “from 7 to 77 years old”.

Regarding the positioning, Mars chocolate is strongly associated to snacking moments. Indeed, people often eat a Mars bar or M&M’s to nibble, when they feel a bit hungry. Eating a Mars product is also a relaxation moment, to indulge yourself.

Sources: Linéaires magazine, Janvier 2012


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