How the brands adapt to the consumers?

26 Nov

The packaging

On the packaging, brands used light colors bringing back softness and affection.

To emphasize the idea of sharing, the brands sell different sizes like M&Ms, selling family and individual package. This different package are also offered because of the health attention, eating chocolate confectionery selling in a small package gives the impression to eat less, to pay more attention to the weight.

The emotions

The brands play on the association people make with chocolate.  As for Côte d’Or chocolate, one of the Mondelez brands, for example, their ads refers to sensuality and aphrodisiac effect because the black chocolate is seen as a sensual and a sophisticated product.  Kinder Maxi associates the idea of nostalgia and dream.

A festive product

Chocolate confectionery is highly consumed for Christmas, Easter, Valentine’s Day and Halloween. These moments are essential for the brands, representing a large part of their profit. Christmas represents more than thirty percent of the turnover, twenty percents for Easter.  Some brands sell exclusive products for these occasions like Lindor by Lindt, selling exclusively for Christmas. Kinder, also, creates special packaging to attract children, making them more adapted to the period. The brands innovate in packaging, using warm colors like red, festive colors: golden and silvered.


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