New trends: cocooning & environment

23 Nov

At the time, under the influence of the economic crisis, people tend to close on themselves and give much more attention and importance to the family. The cocooning is the new trend of the 2000s, they grant importance to comfort. Chocolate confectionery is synonym of pleasure, relax and calm related to family. Chocolate confectionery reminds childhood, related to a happy-nostalgia as we saw before. This includes the notion of sharing, of transmission of values and experience.  To catch with this notion of nostalgia and sharing, the brands play on this idea in the ads, showing mothers and their children (chocolate confectionery is highly associated with motherhood), offering them chocolate confectionery as snacking.

Some consumers also care about the sustainability of the product, a 2000’s trend. They grand importance to the country the chocolate comes from. They want the product not affective in a negative way the environment, carrying the people cultivating and harvesting the cocoa. Some brands are highly specialized like New Tree. Often, the packagings are uncluttered, green and black to reinforce the idea of a sustainable product.


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