The chocolate: an healthy and sweety product

19 Nov

People tend to think that eating chocolate has a positive influence on the well-being: health and moral. Indeed, eaten in moderation, chocolate has an anti-depression and anti-fatigue effect. The chocolate stimulates our brain and reduces the risk for cardiovascular disease.

We can also note a rise in the importance for people to consume healthy products. Consumers pay attention to nutritional values, ingredients, fatty and sugar rates. Black chocolate products have nutritive values recognized by consumers, increasing its sales.

To reinforce this idea, chocolate confectionery brands innovates on the product by adding some healthy ingredients like fruits and nuts. They also try to reduce the fat content, emphasizing, on the packaging, on the good properties of the product like calcium and magnesium. We can also find on the packaging the nutritive values table.

Chocolate confectionery refers to carefreeness, casualness and to a delicious weakness. The consumer finds comfort and consolation. It also refers to excess, temptation but mainly a little pleasure necessary to keep a good spirit. 89% of the consumers considers it as a pleasure source. The brand, as we saw previously, add ingredients also referring to good spirits like Milka did with Daim. They alternate the texture: mousse, crispy, smooth, crispy, crunchy or slightly acid.


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