Associations & emotions

16 Nov

People of any age eat chocolate. The brands are always innovating to satisfy the consumers, the last one consuming it at any time of the day and night. To catch lots of consumers, the brands innovate in new recipes, sell exclusive products for exclusive occasions and associate their products with differents emotions to touch the purchaser.

49% of the adults consume chocolate and 90% of them like it. As for the children, 80% of them from 3 to 17 eat chocolate, mainly at breakfast and “goûter”, an important moment of the day.

Consuming chocolate refers to a sharing and friendly moment for the children, whereas it is considered as an individual pleasant moment for the adults. However, both of them, whatever the reason they eat chocolate, can become addict to this sweet. Following, you will find different trends and emotions leading the consumer to eat certain types of chocolate confectioneries.



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