A real moment of pleasure

14 Nov

People buy chocolate confectionery products as well as they are good for the health and the well being they bring.  Chocolate confectionery is not victim of the economical crisis, even if people tend to get rid of superfluous, chocolate confectionery remain an essential purchase. Indeed, besides its therapeutic qualities, chocolate is definitely associated with pleasure and relaxation.

The consumer knows the therapeutic properties of the chocolate: anti-stress and calming properties, energy, antioxidant and aphrodisiac, it delivers an immediate pleasure improving focus, stimulating muscles and neurons thanks to the caffeine.

The notion of pleasure is really important in the chocolate purchasing act.  With the economical context, a return to the basics values, family hedonism and pleasure is emphasized. In 1996, whereas eating was quoted as necessary to survive, food is considered nowadays as an accessible pleasure (1). With the increasing value of the cocooning, confectionery chocolate reminds us childhood, a “happy nostalgia”, linked with childhood flavours, Christmas, Easter and parties, it makes part of friendly and family moments.

Also considered as a reward, we can eat and share these sweeties at any time, with a coffee or just as a snack, assuring pleasure, comfort and authenticity.

(1): Inpes – http://www.marketing-professionnel.fr/tribune-libre/sante-plaisir-strategies-marketing-antagonistes.htmlImageSource: http://www.ferrero.fr/nos_marques/kinder/kinder_chocolat


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