To healthier recipes !

13 Nov

The companies of the chocolate confectionery market as Mars, Ferrero or even Nestlé are not ready to give up even if all these laws and campaigns hurt their products.
After the end of the advertisement during youth TV programs, these companies have been to show their motivation and above all their commitment to the obesity issues.
That’s why the brands as Mars, Kit Kat started to change their recipe:
– Mars reduced the amount of fatty acids and fats, and also by reducing its size (- 7 %)
– Kit Kat launched “Senses” which targets women with only 165 calories and in 2012, “Singles” which is a unique bar with 80 calories.
– Regarding Nestlé, a new campaign has been released “Mieux cultiver le plaisir”. With this, all the fake colorings and aromas will be switched to natural ones for instance. They will also get a certification UTZ in 2015 for 100% of their cacao.

The companies adapt themselves and their recipes or size to satisfy the customer who want to eat better and healthier today.

Recently, the French government has just approved a rise of 300% of the tax on the palm oil . Maybe some companies should adapt their recipes to this new legislation. Other will probably resist not to make their loyal consumers disappointed. Nutrition doesn’t always win !


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