Nutrition constraints

13 Nov

The chocolate confectionery market has been the government’s target for a few years: VAT, Campaigns against obesity, laws,etc.
The reason: Nutrition.


Indeed, a lot of obesity campaigns have been released to make people aware of the importance of nutrition.
Among these campaigns, one is very well known : “Manger Bouger” but a lot of others such as “eat 5 fruits and vegetables per day “ are common today. This last message is even mandatory for consumer goods advertisement  since a decree of 2007.
The chocolate confectionery companies were looked at because of the nutrition issues. Some datas of the ENNS say that France could have 30% of obese adults in 2020.
To fight against that, the governments forbid several things like the confectionery products on presentation in front of the cashiers in stores. Other measures (Xerfi-Chocolat (fabrication)-Janvier 2012) have been put in place such as the end of the distributors sodas and confectionery products in the schools (2005) and also the end of the advertisement about sweet products during youth TV program hours. .
Source : Xerfi-Chocolat (fabrication)-Janvier 2012


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