New opportunities

11 Nov

Nowadays, the companies in the chocolate confectionery market try to catch new customers or to develop new markets. Some seasonal markets are not completely used as Halloween or even Valentine’s day. Mars is one of the company which successively used Valentine’s day with its brand M&M’s. They launched new colors of M&M’s as light pink or dark red especially for the occasion. They also used their website My M&M’s to promote Valentine’s day. This website was launched in 2006 in France but they only started to use it in 2008 . It worked so well that now, each year, they are creating promotions with this website for Valentine’s day.

Among other new opportunities, the seasons are always a way to launch new products.
In 2012, Ferrero launched, for Easter, a new bag of Schokobons (100g) and Milka (Kraft Foods) proposed a funny egg for children “Mon oeuf masqué”. (Source : magazine linéaire n° 276 janvier 2012, Page 104)

Aside from the seasons opportunities, these companies found new opportunities with places and also special moments of the day like the afternoon break.
Regarding the special places, except from the stores, the companies of the chocolate confectionery market are always present in the cinemas. M&M’s is playing a lot this card by becoming one of the mascot of the cinemas especially with the 3D.

Kinder Bueno of Ferrero, plays on the different moments of the day and especially on the sacred moment of the day “le goûter”,  in France. The last promotions of Kinder Bueno are around this moment.

Each year, these periods create new opportunities for the companies.


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