A new competitor : Milka

4 Nov

The last manufacturer of chocolate confectionery market is Kraft Foods with 6,2% of market share (in value). Thanks to the Cadbury buyout in 2010, Kraft Foods has become the chocolate, chewing-gum and confectionery leader. The main chocolate brands are Côte d’Or, Toblerone and Milka.

Since 2011, Milka has proposed a new chocolate confectionery range, with its Milka Snax brand. This new brand is made up of five progressively launched products. The first three references are :

  • Crispy Snax with corn flakes and raisin.
  • Lila stars Snax with hazelnuts and cripies.
  • Daim Snax with Daim chips

In 2012, Milka launched two new products in order to complete its range:

  • Popcorn Snax with chocolate-coated popcorn.
  • and the new reference, Brezel Snax with chocolate-coated pretzel.

Milka is very active this year, indeed the brand also launched Milka Crispello with two products (chocolate flavor and vanilla flavor), to reinforce its new chocolate confectionery range.

In January, Kraft repeated its transverse promotional operation: The Delice Days, with 20 brands of chocolate, coffee and biscuit including for the first time Milka snax.

Just few weeks ago, we learned about the creation of the new Kraft division: Mondelez which groups, amongst others things, the Milka chocolate or the Cadbury confectionery together.

Source: Xerfi-Chocolat (fabrication)-Janvier 2012

                Linéaires magazine-Janvier 2012



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