The three main competitors

1 Nov

The market leader is Ferrero with 44,8% of market share (in value) thanks to the chocolate bars category. Ferrero group has set up in France since 1960, and the Kinder brand was launched in 1975. The main Ferrero confectionery brands are Kinder Chocolat, Kinder Bueno, Kinder Surprise and Kinder Schoko-bons. France is the third market just after Italia and Germany. In 2011, the Kinder Bueno brand celebrated its 20 years. For this occasion, Ferrero organized a big promotional operation in different French hyper and supermarkets.

The second manufacturer is Mars with 28% of market share (in value).  The American group is set up in France since 1951. Mars produces both categories of the chocolate confectionery market: chocolate bars with the brands Mars, Snickers or Bounty and chocolate balls with M&M’s and Maltesers. Contrary to the other manufacturers, Mars doesn’t organize seasonal promotion during Easter or Christmas, but it makes other kind of operations. At the beginning of 2012, Mars launches a new product “M&M’s Peanuts Noir Intense” and the chocolate bar Mars celebrates its 80 years.

The third historic manufacturer is Nestlé with 14,2% of market share (in value). France is the second global market just after the USA. Chocolate is the flagship product of the group, with different brands like Kit Kat, Smarties or Lion. In 2011, Nestlé stretched the Kit Kat ball range, with a new product “Kit Kat ball chocolat blanc”. Moreover, 2012 is the year where Kit Kat makes its come-back on TV commercial

Source: Xerfi-Chocolat (fabrication)-Janvier 2012


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