What is the situation in 2011-2012?

28 Oct

Crisis, fall of purchasing power, redirecting of buying …

France has been got into fierce crisis since 2010. Consumers had to revise their consumption habits. As Confectionery is perceived by consumers as a market for pleasure, a cheap pleasure, crisis does not impact very much the level of consumption of candies and chocolates. They represent shelter products and they have a very good value for money in hypermarkets. Thus, during crisis times, confectionery market is traditionally going well.

Figures well illustrate this situation since in 2011, the market of chocolate confectionery went up by 3% (value growth) regarding 2010. The improving of economic trends and the wealth of innovations and advertising have fed this recovery in 2011. The price rise in raw materials has been counterbalanced by tariff revaluation from distributors.

Several factors confirm this coming rise in sales for that market. Indeed, economical environment is going to enhance, a new positive dynamic in demand and a great rise in consumption of chocolate in Asian countries are giving a new lease of life to chocolate confectionery in 2012.

Source: Xerfi-Chocolat (fabrication)-Janvier 2012


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